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"It's like an invisible pair of experienced hands that make sure all your staff members serve good milk foam, and it works on every machine!"

Foam Locus is an add-on to your milk pitcher, that guides the steam wand in the perfect position. It was launched in Januari 2017 and is compatible with 97% of all espresso machines. 

Save time in training and workshops for all your new team members. 

Your entire staff can be able to steam milk as good as the Worlds Best Baristas, within 5 minutes

Attract more happy customers by serving them delicious
Cappuccinos & Lattes every day


"Great tool for starting Baristas! "

Esther Maasdam

Dutch Latte Art Champion

2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014

"I can say Foam Locus helps as mentioned!

Cafe turn over is high, and I don’t have to worry about teaching staff how to froth milk anymore."


Owner Waffles&Waffles

Who invented Foam Locus?

Foam Locus is invented by Tjeerd Schravendeel and was first launched in januari 2017.

In the last 16 years, Tjeerd has helped over 900 hospitality entrepreneurs to serve the most delicious coffee in their business while working for Coffee Roasters and as a consultant.

He made Foam Locus to help every cafe owner and home barista to steam  milk foam as good as a World Barista Champion instantly. 

Why? Because perfectis absolutely delicious and he likes doing it.

Tjeerd's Experience with Coffee

  • Winner SCA Best New Product 2017
  • Winner Horecava Innovation Award 2017
  • Former Barista Championship Finalist
  • Head of Marketing & Sales at the Best Artisan Coffee Roastery of Europe 2015 , Bocca Coffee
  • Trained over 4000 people in making perfect coffees - Trained with multiple World Latte Art Champions - Started working with coffee in 2001


"We keep receiving compliments about our delicious milk-based coffees due to Foam Locus! "


Owner & Chef Bistro Seray

"Perfect micro-foam! This is genius! 


Yakup Aydin

Dutch Barista Champion 2010

How can we help you?

Training my staff to steam good milk costs a lot of time

I want to know how I can serve better coffee

Where can I buy Foam Locus?


Foam Locus is made in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If you have any questions, please contact us directly by sending an email to our info@ address. 

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