ABOUT Foam Locus

Tjeerd Schravendeel came up with Foam Locus in 2013.
While working for several bars and roasters, he witnessed first hand
how difficult it is for cafe owners to get staff to serve perfect milk foam.


“Most owners want to, but the high turnover rate in staff and
the level of focus and experience needed to steam delicious milk foam,
make it a difficult topic.

“I strongly encourage cafe owners to work with a semi automatic machine
even though it looks difficult.

If you want to serve the most delicious milk foam to your guests,
you need fresh milk and a professional steam wand. The only challenge is,
the handling of the thing is so damn inefficient.”




The first problem we noticed was that new staff has difficulty with learning how to handle it.
It is understandable, but if you are the guest that get’s the coffee, made by an inexperienced staff member,
you’re in bad luck. And so is the cafe owner we think, because one too many of those bad coffees,
and he might have lost a regular visitor.

To solve this problem, we invented a product called Foam Locus.


Foam Locus is an almost invisible tool that enables everyone to steam perfect milk foam
like a professional Barista. From the first moment, they touch the espresso machine.
And the beauty is, new staff learns to work as a professional while using it.


Foam Locus has won 2 innovation awards, which we are extremely happy with.
First, it won a local prize, the Horecava Innovation Award in the Netherlands.
Later, it won an international award, the SCA Best New Product Award, in the category
“Commercial Equipment non-electrical.”


One customer once described Foam Locus as the experienced helping hand in
the shape of a product. Well put if you ask us, and we think we will keep using
this description for a while.


Now, we ship Foam Locus worldwide, and we are focussing on more solutions
that enable cafe owners to get the most out of their milk without wasting it.
All while using their current steam wand, which is already consuming electricity.
That is because we think a perfect result is only perfect if you didn’t spoil anything in the process.

Foam Locus is the first chapter in reaching this ambition, and there will be many more chapters to come.