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How to steam thick or thin milk with Foam Locus

For some drinks, you want to have thick milk foam, and for some you prefer thin.
On this page, we will explain how to do that while using Foam Locus. If you haven’t heard about Foam Locus before, we will introduce the two of you here.

So, for an order of two cappuccinos, for example, you need to add more air to the milk than for two lattes.
(You probably also need a little more milk for two lattes, but that’s a story we will cover in another topic).

So how to do that with Foam Locus?
How to steam thicker and thinner milk foam with Foam Locus

Basically, the deeper the tube is into the milk, the thinner the milk foam will become and vice versa.
This is because if you use more milk, the steam wand will be deeper underneath the milk surface and therefore add less air to it.

That being said, the challenge is to serve consistent coffees. So we need the same thickness for each cappuccino, and the same for each latte.
This is done simply by filling until the little indicator*.
If you want thicker milk, place the indicator one position down. If you want thinner milk, place it one position up.

To get the great results, start with steaming a couple of times, and practice with a little more- and a little less milk. Get comfortable with the system. After a little while, you will be steaming incredible consistent milk foam, exactly as thick as you want it, time and again.

To see how to use Foam Locus in general, you can watch our demo here.