Is the Foam Locus compatible with my type of pitcher?

The Foam Locus is compatible to all standard sized milk pitchers. A standard milk pitcher is tapered and has an open spout.
We don’t have a Foam Locus that is compatible with a Motta or other shaped jug yet.

Is the Foam Locus compatible with my machine?

The Foam Locus is compatible with most machines.

Have a look at the total overview of machines that are compatible.

Can’t find your machine?

We are working on making Foam Locus work with all coffee and espresso machines. Please leave your email and we will be in touch once we made this happen.

What milk does Foam Locus work with?

Foam Locus works with any kind of milk; even plant based milks such as soy or oat milk. For the best results, start frothing the milk when it’s chilled.

What kind of milk does Foam Locus recommend?

The kind you also like to drink cold. We mostly use whole, organic milk.

The Foam Locus sputters when I start foaming, what am I doing wrong?

When using Foam Locus, it is crucial to put the steam wand as far as possible into the device. You can do this by gently pushing the pitcher up to the steam wand while frothing the milk.

My milk stays fluid and doesn’t become silky, what happened?

It is most likely that there is too much milk in the pitcher. Move the foot at least two lines down, fill the pitcher with cold milk just up to the foot and try again.

No improvement?

Try cleaning the steam wand and, if necessary, pierce through the holes with something like a toothpick. What can also help, is trying a smaller milk pitcher when using the Foam Locus.

My milk is too thick and bubbly, how did this happen?

Your foam becomes bubbly when there is not enough milk in the pitcher. Move the foot one line up, fill the pitcher with cold milk just up to the foot and try again.

Still no luck?

Move the foot yet another line up, repeat until you have the result you’re looking for.

There is not enough foam for my cappuccino

Use a bigger pitcher with accompanying Foam Locus.

Use the Medium Foam Locus for a 0.6 liter sized milk pitcher.

Use the Large Foam Locus for a 1 liter –or larger- sized milk pitcher. When using a single piston machine, check if you have enough steam pressure for a large pitcher.


Will there be a Foam Locus for the Motta jug?

Not any time soon.

You can, however, use a standard pitcher with the Foam Locus to froth the milk and then pour it into a Motta jug that you can then use to finish the coffees.

How do I put the Foam Locus together / correctly on the pitcher?

You can find our instructions here

Can I reuse the frothed milk?

Yes, but only if the milk has not been exposed to temperatures over 65 degrees Celcius. Use a temperature sticker to check the temperature. For maximal results, always use at least 80% of fresh milk and rinse out your pitcher so now and then.

If there is still a lot of milk left after you foam it, use a smaller pitcher.

Do you have a tutorial video?

Yes we do. You here you can see how to use foam locus.