"You don't need workshops to teach staff to steam milk foam like a Barista champion."

Find out how you can save a lot of time in training inexperienced staff.

I am Tjeerd, and I want to save you a lot of time 
in training your staff to make quality coffee.

Quality coffee that attracts customers and that is good for business.

Customers are familiar with the Specialty Coffee scene nowadays and know where to find a good cup. Smooth milk foam is what customers want, and I want to help you serve it to them in the easiest way. 

It used to take a lot of time to teach inexperienced staff to steam milk  foam like the best baristas in the world.

And with the high staff turn over in our industry, this has been a "never ending story" for a long time. 

But not anymore. 

What if I told you anyone can steam milk like a Pro within 2 minutes, while having  their eyes closed. 

You don't need to move the pitcher, and I made a short video clip to prove it to you. 

This video is just to show you things are about to get a whole lot easier. 

And if you sign up now, I will help you to get all your future new team members to work like a pro, without you breaking a sweat. 

Sounds good? 

Tjeerd Schravendeel

Given over 4000 barista classes

Former Head of Sales at Europe's #1 Artisan Coffee Roaster of 2015, Bocca Coffee

Serve delicious
Cappuccinos & Lattes every day

Steam milk as good as the Worlds Best Baristas, within 5 minutes

3 Tips you can start with Today

1: Check your steam function

To make perfect milk foam, your steam wand needs to function properly. 
First you need a steam pressure of minimal 0,8 Bar. A bit more pressure makes your job easier. 

Second, make sure you have the correct/original steam tip for your machine installed so that your machine is able to keep pressure high while steaming.  

And third, check if your steam wand isn't clogged as this will take your power away. 

Here you can see how to recognize if your steam wand is clogged or still performing at 100%
(Turn on your sound)

steam wand from an espresso machine

2: Don't move your pitcher while steaming

Perfect milk foam contains just enough air to make a creamy texture. If you look at it, it doesn't contain any bubbles at all. 

One of the secrets to  making foam like this, is not to add to much air. You can do this by placing the tip of the steam wand right under the surface of the milk and by holding it there until the milk is ready. 

Seriously, you can do it without using your hands and with your eyes closed. 

3. pour with a constant flow

Right after steaming perfect milk foam, you need to finish your Cappuccino or Latte quickly.
The reason? They turn out best if your milk foam is very well mixed, into a homogeneous mass.

The moment milk foam stops moving, the milk and foam separate again, making it harder to pour and mix.  

Pour right in the middle of the cup, while holding the sprout of the jug on the side of the cup. Hold the tip of the jug as close to the coffee as possible.

Don't be to careful and pour firm and with a constant flow.

make 1 change and serve Barista quality coffee, within 5 days 

Here is another story: 

Some cafes sell over 4 times as much coffee as others. Do you know what these places do differently?

They make sure their milk foam is perfect at all times. 

Why? Because customers love it and want to pay for a good coffee.

Are you satisfied with your coffee turn over? What would it mean if more customers wanted to buy their coffee at your cafe every day?

What if customers knew your coffee was more delicious than your neighbors? Do you think they would visit you more often?

And what if they met with friends at your place, and stayed for lunch too? How less stressed out would you be if you knew your guests where satisfied and would come back more often?

You can make that happen, by making sure you serve them good products. 

Good coffee is the product to start with, because it is one of the beverages people drink most of and you can make a true difference with it. (A Coke is a Coke, but you can serve WAY better coffee than anyone in your area and really stand out). 

My tip to you: start with serving great milk foam. 

Customers love it and will come back for it. 


Owner Waffles&Waffles

"I can say Foam Locus helps as mentioned!

Cafe turn over is high, and I don’t have to worry about teaching staff how to froth milk anymore."

Esther Maasdam

Dutch Latte Art Champion
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

"Great tool for starting Baristas!"


Owner & Chef Bistro Seray

"We keep receiving compliments about our delicious milk-based coffees due to Foam Locus! "


Foam Locus is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If you have any questions, please contact us directly by sending an email to our info@ address. 

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